Currently Reading – March 2017

So, since I have promised to try and do better about updating my blog, I will tell you about the stuff I am currently reading.

I just wrapped up (last Thursday) reading Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber.  And I am currently working my way through John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream.

First: Nine Princes in Amber – A decent book, but it wasn’t really to my taste.  I spoke with one of my very best friends about it, and his response was “Dude, you’ve got to read the first five books, then book one doesn’t seem so disjointed.”  Ok.  This is one of my dearest and oldest friends.  He has never steered me wrong on a book recommendation.  In fact, this friend is who put me onto Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files.  I remember speaking with him over a beer (or three) about a new story idea, “Alright, so what I’m thinking is Sherlock Holmes but in a magical world”.  He looked at me and said, “You’re kidding with me right?  The Dresden Files.”  The rest is history.

But…back to Zelazny.  I didn’t really care for the first 60% of the story.  It felt like the first part was written when Mr. Zelazny was sixteen.  Then he put the story down and came back to it when he was thirty – except he didn’t go back and fix up the first part.  The ending of the book was quite interesting and I could see some glimmers of what would make me want to pick up the next book.  Perhaps, I will see if they are available via my local public library.

Second: The Android’s Dream – This has been an interesting book.  I’m currently at 60% finished.  The verdict on this one still remains to be seen.  At this point, I guess I like it.  Mostly because the story has finally calmed down and no new major characters are being introduced.  I will say that the main character’s Mary-Sue-ness is more than a little off-putting.  When it comes to Scalzi, you either love the story – or you hate it.

Once I finish The Android’s Dream, I plan to read Frank Herbert’s Dune. Sometimes, you’ve got to go with the classics.

Finally, the status of my current projects:

The Broken Pack (The War-Weary Saga Book 2) – I am currently working on round two of revisions and edits –  55%.

Due to all the crazy in my life, I have not really gotten as far on this in the past few weeks as I would’ve liked.  But, it’s still moving and I’m managing to spell most of the words correctly.

New Speculative-Fiction/Cyberpunk Story (Working Title: The Soloist) – 50% finished with the first draft.

No change on this project.  I have been trying to get some traction on my graphic novel Twenty Steps, and that is taking up the time I would’ve normally spent on this.

Dark Fantasy Story (Working Title: The Cleric Gambit) – 25% done with outlining and character bios.

No change.  I still think about it quite a bit, but it’s in third place for a reason.  As I like to say, the idiots who are running around in my head helping me piece all these stories together are very excited about this one – as am I.  Just to clarify, I am not actually hearing voices or anything.  I just have background processes working on these ideas.

Short-Story / Graphic Novel (current title: Twenty Steps) – essentially done.

This one is pretty well finished.  Save for artwork and all that.  I’m taking a step back from it so that I can clear my head and I’ll come back to revisit it in June or July.  Basically when I publish The Broken Pack.


Well, I do hope that all of you are having fun and reading good stuff.