Listening to Music Whilst Writing

So, in addition to my love for my family, writing, brewing, reading, baking, lists, and sarcasm, I have another love – perhaps my oldest: music.  I have been singing and playing music for longer than I can even remember.  I’m not saying that for drama – I literally have made music for longer than I can remember.  My mom would likely say that I loved to sing as early as I could speak.  I’m not claiming to have a great voice, but when it comes to singing, I am certainly enthusiastic.

Before there was MTV, I loved music.  And I’m not picky.  I love it all.  I have deep places in my heart for Simon and Garfunkel, Elvis Pressley, The Beatles, Mrs. Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra (who I actually got to see sing in person many years ago – but that’s another story), and many, many, many more.  I love good rock.  I love metal.  Classic R&B? Sign me up.  Oh, you’re listening to Cheap Trick or Rush?  I’ll be right over.  Kenny Rogers or Lionel Ritchie?  Yep.  Love it.  Don’t even get me started on my love for the music of Neil Diamond.

Currently, I have been listening to a few different bands while I write.  So, I figure why not share?  Here are a few of my current favorites:


TRON: Legacy  Soundtrack by Daft Punk.  I have enjoyed listening to this soundtrack for years at this point.  In most cases, when I sit down to write, I put on my headphones and queue up this album.  It’s excellent.  Very few words/lyrics to distract, but there is a great beat and – in my opinion – Daft Punk has written a modern symphony with this soundtrack.


2112 by Rush.  I am a wholly unabashed fan of Rush.  This Canadian trio is – to my ear- about as good as progressive rock gets.  To say that I am a fan belittles my affection for their work.  I love most of their albums, but 2112 (as well as a few others) holds a special place for me.  Not only is the “A” side of the album a ludicrously ambitious science-fiction story, but it’s also just great music.  I will usually listen to this before I start writing to put me in the right frame of mind for doing creative work.  If you listen to the “A” side, you’ll understand why this album helps me get ready to be extra-creative.


Emperor of Sand by Mastodon.  This is a brand new album (released on 31 March) from one of my favorite bands.  The album tells an excellent story, and the energy of the music just brings my spirit up.


“Awaken, My Love” by Childish Gambino.  Ok.  I know that this album doesn’t exactly seem to fit into the rest of this list.  But trust me, it’s a great album.  It has this awesome vibe of mid-70s rhythm and blues.  It’s just ideal for being mellow.  When I said I like pretty much all music, it’s not about trying to impress anyone – I’m well-past the age of caring about someone’s opinion of my musical preferences.  I just like good music played/performed by talented artists who want to do something awesome with music.

I have many others to whom I listen, but those are the current three that are helping aid my work.


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