Bye dad (thanks, I guess)

“Bye dad", I said though my voice never left my lips
Far too young to understand the facts
    Too small to know -
    Or comprehend
But, my fault all the same

"Bye dad", at the airport where we met most often
The awkward hug by rote, but still given
    Too scared to say
    To afeared to ask
About you and mom’s troubled past

"Bye dad", on the phone when grandpa passed
Assuming a familial loyalty; though I shouldn't have
    For family unknown
    For disinterested kin
The phone call was short, we had very little to say

"Bye dad", the last time I saw you 
I had dropped by because of Hugo’s wrath
    It was always awkward
    It always felt forced
But the awkward words snuggly fit our hug

"Bye dad", the last time I spoke with you
The harsh realization that time had not tempered 
    Fury for someone else
    Directed at me
It was the last time I tried to know you

Bye dad, soon they will lay you to rest 
I feel I should, but I’ve nothing more to say
    I wish you’d known me
    I turned out pretty well
Now, our shared loss is mine, thanks for that, I guess.