What I’m currently reading!

So, it’s been a while.  Things on the blog have been collecting dust.  Time to change that.

As most of you know I’m an avid reader.  I like to read all manner of story.

Currently, I am reading:

On Kindle: Casino Royale – Ian Flemming. I have seen many of the Bond films, but I have never read any of Mr. Flemming’s work.  So far I have been enjoying it quite a bit.  I will say that I wonder if Mr. Flemming was being paid by the word because I have a decent top-level understanding of how to play baccarat now.

On Audible: Red Seas Under Red Skies – Scott Lynch.  This is the second book of Mr. Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard Sequence.  Thus far I have enjoyed his series.  Admittedly I have only read the first book (The Lies of Locke Lamora) and part of the third book (Republic of Theives)

What’s up next?

On Kindle, I will be reading the first book from Katie Cash, The Mapkeeper and the Rise of the Wardens.  

On Audible, I will be reading the fourth book of the Monster Hunter International series from Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Nemesis

So what is everyone else reading these days?

Republic of Theives by Scott Lynch

I am an avid consumer of audiobooks.  They fit well into my normal work, and they are often the only real “reading” I get to do during the normal workweek. I am currently reading/listening to Republic of Theives by Scott Lynch.

Someone, somewhere (reddit perhaps?) told me I should read this book.  So I picked it up a couple months ago.  The reader (Michael Page) is out-flipping-standing.   The story is engrossing and very well done.  Here’s the only issue.  And trust me, it’s not the fault of Mr. Lynch or Mr. Page; the fault lay solely in my hands.  I had never heard of the Gentleman Bastard Sequence. So I just grabbed Republic of Theives.  Herein is where I made my mistake.  For those of you who may not know, or are considerably smarter than I am: Republic of Theives is the third in the series. I will emphatically state that I feel more than a little foolish.  I started the book and was just thinking, “there appears to be a great deal of back-story between these two.  Why is the one guy poisoned/dying?”

My new audible.com credits arrive tomorrow, and I will grabbing the first book: The Lies of Locke Lamora.  Once I have read the first book of the series, I will certainly write a review of it here.  But consider this my endorsement of the series: even starting at book three of an established series, what I read was compelling enough that I wanted to go back and purchase the first book.

— CL