Stalwart and Steady

So, I am rather a fan of Reddit.  It’s all that is good – and bad – with the internet.  A plethora (yes, an overabundance) of topics and opinions.  Beware what subreddits you visit, for some of them….there be dragons there.

So I subscribe to a subreddit called WritingPrompts.  It’s an entire subreddit about ideas for writing.  Some are really interesting, some not such much.  About a year ago, I posted a response to a writing prompt, “Write an Ode to an inanimate object that doesn’t get enough appreciation”.

My poem was titled, Stalwart and Steady. I had considered what objects in my home didn’t get the recognition they deserved.  And found an interesting muse.  I hope you enjoy.

Stalwart and Steady
By porcelain stood,
Simple rubber, simple wood.
Stalwart and steady,
Plunger, by the toilet there
Silent vigil, standing ever.
So oft over looked,
So oft forgotten; so oft, so oft.
But stalwart and steady,
Stand ye always ready.
For in my hour of need
ever stalwart and steady;
always stalwart and steady.