On Poetry

I am a big fan of poetry.  Seriously, I just love it.  It all started when I was in first grade.  Yes, I fell in love with poetry when I was six.

In my first grade class, when my teacher would be out we had a regular substitute teacher.  Her name is lost to time for me, but her legacy will live forever.

Substitute teaching a class of six-year-olds must be one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake.  But this substitute had it sorted.  So long as we were good, kept the chaos to a minimum and listened, for the last half-hour of the day, she would read to us from Shel Silverstein.  Make no doubt, I love Mr. Silverstein’s works – and will be passing this affection down to my children.  But, the first time I heard her read about Being Eaten By a Boa-constrictor, I was set.

Mr. Silverstein’s works were silly and irreverent.  They made my six-year-old mind think.  How would Captain Hook pick his nose?

So I think I’m going to start putting some of my own poetry up here on the blog.  Keep an eye out under the “Sundry Stories and Such” link.




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