The War-Weary Saga – Book 2

So I have been working on book two of my story.  The title is The Broken Pack.  It’s a good title.  I like good titles.  I like a title that makes me want to understand why a particular name ended up tied to a story.  Through the Looking-Glass (by Lewis Carroll) is a good example; just an excellent title.  The Ocean at the End of the Lane (by Neil Gaiman) is another great title.  Both are books I love.

At this point, I’m about done with all of the “core” work for book 2.  I need to go back over it and pare it down from it’s current 68,000-word count to a more reasonable novella-short novel length of ~52,000 words.  Much of what will be cut will end up in the trash can, but some will slide into book 3.  At this point, I would say that I’m about 75% finished with book 2.  Here’s hoping that I learned a little something writing the first book so that the final 25% doesn’t take an additional two years of revising and editing to knock out.

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