Let me tell you, despite what you may have heard, insomnia sucks.  I know that from the outside it looks all sorts of glamorous.  “Staying up all night must mean you get a lot done”  Nope.  Not even close.  You know how when you lay down your brain decides that it hates you and reminds you of that time in second-grade when you laughed so hard that milk shot out of your nose and sprayed the front of your pants and everyone thought you had had an “accident”?  Right as you’re trying to drift off to the land of Nod, you get this quick moment to feel really embarrassed….again.  That feeling, the one where you have way too much time to listen to your brain remind you of past mistakes and failures, it’s always on when you have insomnia.

Don’t get me wrong, I do quite a bit of writing due to my sleep deprivation.  I have tons of new story ideas and have been just cranking on book 2 (The Broken Pack).  The new series (still no working title) is shaping up nicely as well.  Thanks, insomnia!

Well back to my cup of tea (caffeine-free chai tea) and the beckoning page.

Ever, always, endlessly, I return to the page.

2 comments on “Sleeeeeeeepy

  1. A E Grady says:

    Sounds horrible. I often dream about my writing or maybe better said I dream about potential story lines. Sometimes I am forced to get up and write it down so I can go back to sleep. Of course it takes time to write it all down in a semi logical order so it will make sense later. I have sheets and sheets of sleep driven thoughts written that seemed to be perfectly logical and legible in the early morning but by the sunlight it is gibberish. I’m sure there is a great story in all of it but I probably need to be asleep to write it.


  2. In my experience, this is a pretty common. I don’t know what it is about that glorious moment after one’s head hits the pillow and the sudden influx of creative ideas. Perhaps the story is just the random musings of your sub-conscious mind?


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